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Bar Accessories

Denovo Presents exquisite range of Bar Accessories. These products have been designed and developed on the basis of latest market trends worldwide. Our unique Bar Accessories line up includes wide range of Wine Buckets, Ice Buckets, Cocktail Shakers, Bar Tool Sets, etc.

We are one of the leading manufacturer,supplier, exporter and supplier of Bar Accessories from New Delhi,India.

Zodiac Cocktail
BA 021
MG Cocktail
BA 022
MG Special Cocktail Shaker
BA 023
Bullet Cocktail
BA 024

Vodka Cocktail Shaker
BA 025
Cocktail Shaker PC
BA 026
BA 027
Conical Jigger
BA 028

Long Jigger
BA 029
Wine Goblet
BA 030
Bar Shaker
BA 031
Malt Glass
BA 032

6 Pcs Bar Tool
BA 033
Premium Bar
Tool Set
BA 034
Bar Tool Set Hollow Handle
BA 035
Exclusive Bar
Tool Set
BA 036

Deluxe Bar Tool Set
BA 037
Special Bar Tool Set
BA 038
Bar Tray
BA 039
Bar Tray Ribbed
BA 040