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Stainless steel does not contaminate acid, hence Stainless Steel Tongs are good for removing items form pickling and acid solutions. We have got wide variety of Tongs that work great. You will love to use them.

Manufacturer,Supplier,Exporter and Wholesaler of high quality Stainless Steel Tongs from New Delhi,India.

Long Ice Tong
TO 021
Bread Tong
TO 022
Sphagetti Tong
TO 023
Asparagus Tong
TO 024

Sandwich Tong
TO 025
Sandwich Tong
TO 026
Utility Tong
TO 027
Bar Be Que Tong
TO 028

Porn Tong
TO 029
Designer Tong
TO 030
Exclusive Tong
TO 031