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Utility Articles

Our newest line of Utility Articles is quickly catching notice for its functionality and unique design. Many of our products are finished in matte (satin), mirror or dual finishes.

Oval Bread Basket
UT 001
Speacial Bread Basket
UT 002
Round Bread Basket
UT 003
Premium Bread Basket
UT 004

Four Square Bread Basket
UT 005
Square Bread
UT 006
Shallow Bread
UT 007
UT 008

Plain Coasters
UT 009
Round Coasters
UT 010
Square Coasters
UT 011
Oval Coasters
UT 012

Exclusive Coasters
UT 013
Measuring Cups
UT 014
Measuring Spoons
UT 015
Deluxe Measuring Spoons
UT 016

UT 017
Deluxe Passapure
UT 018
Lasagane Tray
UT 019
Oval Roaster
UT 020