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Trays and Platters

Our Trays of varied shapes and sizes are manufactured to suit your needs. These Trays can be given a silver touch or be embossed to enhance the looks.

Fruit Platter
TP 001
Fruti Tray
TP 002
Charger Plate
TP 003
Charger Plate PC
TP 004

Rice Plate
TP 005
Soup plate
TP 006
Oval Plate
TP 007
Fish Plate
TP 008

Round Mesh plate
TP 009
Round Mesh Plate Deluxe
TP 010
Round Plate
TP 011
Capsule Tray
TP 012

Rectangular Tray
TP 013
Beer Tray
TP 014
Snacks Tray
TP 015
Oval Curry Dish
TP 016

Pie Dish
TP 017